Why CreditMyRent?

Build Credit With Your Rent!

Do you rent your current home? Are you living in an apartment complex? If you’re a renter, your largest monthly expense is likely your rent payment – just as a homeowner with a mortgage payment. The difference? Homeowners build their credit score with their on-time monthly payments each month. Shouldn’t you be rewarded with a positive payment history for being a responsible renter? After all, you could be penalized on your report for a rental eviction. Completing a simple online registration form will allow you to not only have these payments reported to your credit report, but will also allow you to backdate your rental history up to two years!

The Value of Good Credit

Think Credit Doesn't Matter? Think Again! The Average American will save nearly $250,000 over the course of their life by having good credit versus bad. It's no joke. Good credit can save you over $70,000 on your mortgage alone!

What's In Your Score?

When it comes to determining your credit score, the largest impact to your score is Payment History. This one factor influences around 35% of your score. Reporting your last 2 years of rent payments is an easy way to establish Payment History and positively impact your credit.

What Else Can I do?

On time payments are key when it comes to your credit score! In addition to your rent payments, you should pay any loans, credit cards and utility bills on time. Establishing a good mix of credit- such as your rent payments through CreditMyRent and a small mix of credit cards and installment loans, will help you to establish a great score!